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Starting up the Prairie Belle Website

Posted by bellestarr on August 16, 2012 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (22)

Hello to you all taking the time to read this!

Welcome to our new website which will now carry all the same great toiletry items from the Belle Starr Farm site, and add in our premium candle and tarte line as well.

This blog will reflect all things farm - and home-made:  Here's how I became interested in soap-making which led to toiletries which then led to candles and melting tartes:

We have a herd of around 40 Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats.  I absolutelyl love my  goats!  I also have always  loved fragrance (perfume, lotion, shower gel, scented bath bombs, and candles and potpourri)  I Began milking the goats!  Loved that too!  Needed something to do with the milk..........and began making soaps for myself and family!  LOVED the smooth, hydrating, non-oily feeling of the soaps and the way I could scent them and color them to my liking! 

So,  thought I'd make my creations available to my friends and family, facebook and website friends, and goat customers by having a little store on the site. 

Once The Belle Starr Farm Soapery, we are now adding in the candle line and will be known as Prairie Belle Candle and Soap Company.  Our products offered on Belle Starr will be the same quality and pricing.  We  will offer homemade goat's milk and other natural soaps, shower gels, lotions, scrubs, salts, etc. for your bathing pleasure!  EnJoY~AND primitive style candles and tartes!