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Edward the Evil:  We've since gotten him a new home!

The Crazy Llama, Wyatt,  sneaks into the goatyard and stands on a 3 foot tall hay-bale.  He pretends to be  KING OF THE tiny ROUND BALE!


HoWdy PaRtNeR!


Cotton Bob say's "WHO GOES THERE?"  He is the BEST Guardian

Bella in her "safe spot" from the Rooster, and big goats!

Maddy w/ Feather & Raven ('09 kids)

Bella and Cotton Bob (who looks a bit overwhelmed with his new job as baby-dog-sitter)

Maddy bareback on Callie for the Sunset Trails 2009 Horse Show.

The "Buck" shed on our trailer......a very scary ride home!

The new Buck Shed from the back.  Needs to be jacked up on West side!  It's like Grandpa's House at Silver Dollar City where it's all crooked!  All the little goat "pellets" roll to one side.

The "Buck-les" as we call them.....in their nice, BIG new buck yard! w/ grass even!  They are VERY happy!  Rocky whispers to Jack "We're gonna have to make a lotta babies this year to pay for all this!"

Homer .......at 9 years old, still the most BEAUTIFUL and NOBLE dog I've ever met.

Finally, planted a garden in Spring of our 3rd year here!

And our Farm sign done and displayed


And our cement horse painted to look like our very own BIG BAD BELLE STARR and placed outside the barn as a mascot!


My sweet, sickly Tink is growing and acting more and more like her mother (Calamity Jane) every day now!  She's 11.5 weeks old!


Havana Rose and her two precious girls share Mothers' Day chewing some good cud!  (We humans had Kentucky Fried Chicken!~)

At about 6-7 months old, Belles gets demoted from "Guardian-in-Training" to "Menace-to-all-goats" and must live in the yard with Homer to work on her skills and manners!

Maddy and her friend actually SWIM in the pond!

The Big Bucks pose for a group photo:

Bella and Bob reunite after Bella's months of isolation!  Bella has reformed, and is once again, friend to the goat! (Most the time)

The does say:  "Y'all Come Back now!"

"Ya Hear?"



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We test our herd for CAE & CL - and maintain a completely closed herd.  Results are as follows:

April 2015 - 1/2 herd random checked: all NEGATIVE!

April 2013 - 1/2 herd random checked:  all NEGATIVE!

May, 2011 - WHOLE Herd checked:  CAE/CL FREE

May 2010. --  WHOLE Herd CAE/CL Free

**NOTE:  We use WADDL as our laboratory for our testing.





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2010 AGS Nationals in Sedalia, MO:  We attended w/ Cowgirl, Calamity, Kate, Silver, Sweet Pea and 6-Gun.  Cowgirl was 3rd in her class of 16 and Calamity was 4th, Silver was 7th.  Very Fun! and educational!


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