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Our REFERENCE Bucks.......Gone..... but not forgotten! 

Bucks are the cornerstone of the herd you create.  Quality bucks with good lineage and structure are the key to your future reputation as a breeder, and the health, dairy and show-quality of all your future kids!

Our Bucks are from (or direct descendants of) prominent lines such as Flat Rocks Farm, Caesar's Villa, Velvet Acres, Twin Creeks, Piddlin Acres, Pecan Hollow, Woodhaven, Gay-Mor and Prairiewood Ranch.

Our Senior bucks are proven structurally correct, and known to produce beautiful offspring with fine dairy characteristics.  We expect the Junior bucks to be of exceptional quality as well, and pass along their genes to many generations to come!

Flat Rocks Rocky                               DOB:   May 21, 2004

 Rocky Rock-Star, as his "friends" call him, is a 1st generation Gem-son.  He is a jewel of a buck, throwing mostly daughters and improving udders all around.  He is a romancer and a gentleman and a character all rolled into one!  He is getting older these days, but can still "rock n' roll" !!  :-)

S: Flat Rocks Gem +SSS: Flat Rocks Mighty Fine 
 SD: MCH Flat Rocks Suprise *D 
D: Cajun Voodoo G+ DS: Goodwood Rajin Cajun
 DD: HBF Archuletta VG

 RIP Rockstar!  We love you!  


Dragonfly Jack Sparrow          DOB: April 18, 2005

Oh my beautiful Jack, no words can describe your beauty and grace, dairy character and consistency...... and gorgeous, healthy kids! 

S: Munchranch Cactus Jack SS:  Woodhaven Farms Al Jolson  
 SD: Dav-Lyn Glory's Orion  
D: ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E AR2097DS: Twin Creeks PD Megabuck  
 DD: HBF Stella D'Oro  

RIP Sweet Boy.... Thanks for all the beautiful kids you left behind for us...  We are VERY proud to have known you- 


Flat Rocks Ghostrider                    DOB:  May 13, 2008

 GORGEOUS polled Gem-grandson, Ghostrider throws consistently quality kids!  We absolutely love him!  His genetics and structure are seen in each kid he's made so far!   His polled ratio is about 50:50 .......   My favorite kid of his?   Belle Starr Farm Cowgirl Heart!  You can check her out on the DOES page, along with Belle Starr Farm Emaline!  

S: Flat Rocks FlashBackSS: Flat Rocks Gem
 SD: Flat Rocks Party Time  
D: Flat Rocks Alias DS: Flat Rocks Gem 
 DD: Flat Rocks Sweet Reward 

 We miss you Ghost.  Hope you are making lots of polled “Ghost-babies!” somewhere.


Our Current Herd Sires:

Prairie Wood Crazy Horse       DOB:  Feb. 23, 2011

 S: MCH Sun Catcher Moonraker
 SS:  Sandy Hollow SHO Moonshine
  SD:  Kannah Creek Frivola
 D:  Blunderosa Bamboo Acres Lagoon
 DS:  Bamboo Acres TW Dezoo RowdySea
  DD:  Prairiewood Oahu Avalanche

Moonspots, Tri-colored, Blue-eyed, and after we purchased him from Prairiewood Ranch, his sire became a Master Champion!   We LOVE this boy!


Belle Starr Farm Lumberjack    DOB:  Feb. 28, 2011

 S:  Dragonfly Jack Sparrow
 SS:  Munchranch Cactus Jack
  SD:  ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E AR2097
 D:  Hill Country ML Vista
 DS:  MCH Lost Valley Malachi *S
  DD:  Hill Country's Virtual Reality 7*D (4xRGCH)

as a baaaaaby on his maaaaama!

Lookin' dirty as a young man due to Rut season -- Will add better picture of this beautiful Jack-Sparrow-son  soon! 




SOLD:  Belle Starr Farm Boot Uncle Sam   DOB:  April 28, 2012

Sire: Dragonfly Jack Sparrow
SS  Munchranch Cactus Jack
 SD:ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E AR2097
Dam: MCH Piddlin Acres V Tessa's Boots (Born: 2004)
DS:  Piddlin Acres WB Viagra *S E
 DD:  Piddlin Acres Contessa de Rojo V 
With MCH Piddlin Acres  Tessa's Boots as his Dam, and Dragonfly Jack Sparrow as his Sire, (who sports ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E AR2097 as HIS DAM)   this boy's EXCELLENT lineage and udder-potential are gimme's...he is already very level and wide, and was actively breeding at 6 months old!  He's a firecracker in a sreally weet package!  Can't wait to see his offspring!   XoXo Sammy!

 SOLD:  Happy Baby-Making in your new home, Uncle Sam! 


Belle Starr Farm War Paint            DOB:  Mar. 17, 2013


 S:  Prairiewood Crazy Horse   SS:  MCH Sun Catcher Moonraker
  SD:   Blunderosa Bamboo Acres Lagoon
 D: Piddlin Acres BR  Rockin Gypsy
 DS:  Piddlin Acres Bo's Rockstar
  DD:  Piddlin Acres Fraulin

 More pics of Little War Paint to come!   He's only 20 minutes old above -- and day old currently! 



We test our herd for CAE & CL - and maintain a completely closed herd.  Results are as follows:

April 2015 - 1/2 herd random checked: all NEGATIVE!

April 2013 - 1/2 herd random checked:  all NEGATIVE!

May, 2011 - WHOLE Herd checked:  CAE/CL FREE

May 2010. --  WHOLE Herd CAE/CL Free

**NOTE:  We use WADDL as our laboratory for our testing.





CHECK out Sevenpineshomestead.com for all things Handmade, a little wax work, a little wood work, a bit of reproduction, and some actual antique finds; pods, and seeds and potpourri, olde and dirty as can be..... Occasional Toiletries made from goats milk, and wonderful Hand-poured Candles!

2010 AGS Nationals in Sedalia, MO:  We attended w/ Cowgirl, Calamity, Kate, Silver, Sweet Pea and 6-Gun.  Cowgirl was 3rd in her class of 16 and Calamity was 4th, Silver was 7th.  Very Fun! and educational!


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