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The New Farmhouse at Seven Pines Homestead:  Established June, 2016

The original farmhouse:  Established February 2007 ...picture in May '09

The Goat Barn:   Established August 2006 .... picture in Oct. '07

THE FOLKS:  Tracy, Madison & Steve (Clover, Edward & Faith)   Christmas Season 2008

My Mom, Slama, holding 3 day old Roan and Paint Feb. 2009

Maddy & Gramma Beck getting Callie ready for the Show!  April 2009

Sunset Trails Horse show 2009!  Maddy rides Callie!and gets 4 ribbons!

Pean and Cowboy Troy........ GPBCWHI

My Aunt Cooey getting a golf cart tour of the farm

 Tracy, Steve & Madison Jones

Maddy won 2 ribbons at the Sunset Trails Stable Horse Show May 31, 2008!  We were SO proud of her!

 M-girl at the horse show! May 2008

Maddy on Turbo at the horseshow!

Maddy & her friend, Sara......a typical day on the farm!

Maddy & her friend, Olivia....saddling Cash for a ride!

Steve with Trick or Treat (Trick) in an unabelievable pose!    This is not retouched!  Trick was actually smiling!

Me on Starr for the first time in 2 years!  Surprisingly, she was an Angel! 

Steve on Cash!  Cash is a very gentle boy! 

Pictures taken/added after 5/2009 will be put on MOST CURRENT FARM PHOTOS Page!

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We test our herd for CAE & CL - and maintain a completely closed herd.  Results are as follows:

April 2015 - 1/2 herd random checked: all NEGATIVE!

April 2013 - 1/2 herd random checked:  all NEGATIVE!

May, 2011 - WHOLE Herd checked:  CAE/CL FREE

May 2010. --  WHOLE Herd CAE/CL Free

**NOTE:  We use WADDL as our laboratory for our testing.





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2010 AGS Nationals in Sedalia, MO:  We attended w/ Cowgirl, Calamity, Kate, Silver, Sweet Pea and 6-Gun.  Cowgirl was 3rd in her class of 16 and Calamity was 4th, Silver was 7th.  Very Fun! and educational!


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