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Great Pyrenees Dogs as Guardians:

We got our first Great Pyr in August of 2007 to protect our ducks and goats.  He was 4 months old, and cute as a button.  He has grown into quite a BIG MAN these days, and is a WONDERFUL protector and loyal friend to the herd!   He mixes beautifully with the horses, llama, steer, cats and other dogs.  He is VERY protective and alerts us when anything new approaches the goatyard............including our Halloween witch hanging from the porch, and a new cement horse we brought home and placed in front of our barn!  He is ever diligent, yet gentle and kind and quite tolerant of all the goats' antics!  Even being head-butted and bitten by our most agressive goat, Calamity Jane!

Cotton BOB........the Original Protector!

Bob & Bella!  We got Cotton a companion on Christmas Day, 2008!  She is tiny and cute and cuddly.  We named her Jingle Belles.

Jingle Belles (Bella)  Friend to Cotton Bob.....will be another guardian once she stops being the predator.


At around 6 mo's, Bella hit a naughty streak in her development, and had to live in the backyard with the German Shepherd, Homer for the sake of the baby goats.  We hoped Homey could roughhouse the "puppy" out of her, and after 2 mo's, Belles came back to the doe yard with Cotton Bob, a PERFECT little Lady and Guardian!  She is the best complement to Cotton's reign of the goat kingdom!


Bella, Homer, and Outlaw the Fainting Goat:

Cotton & Bella are the BEST OF FRIENDS now:

Love the "Great WHITE INVASION"

Cotton Bob says:      "Who goes there?"


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We test our herd for CAE & CL - and maintain a completely closed herd.  Results are as follows:

April 2015 - 1/2 herd random checked: all NEGATIVE!

April 2013 - 1/2 herd random checked:  all NEGATIVE!

May, 2011 - WHOLE Herd checked:  CAE/CL FREE

May 2010. --  WHOLE Herd CAE/CL Free

**NOTE:  We use WADDL as our laboratory for our testing.





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2010 AGS Nationals in Sedalia, MO:  We attended w/ Cowgirl, Calamity, Kate, Silver, Sweet Pea and 6-Gun.  Cowgirl was 3rd in her class of 16 and Calamity was 4th, Silver was 7th.  Very Fun! and educational!


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